Bad weather can strike any time of the year. These weather conditions can cause damage to trees, break outdoor furniture, and even create problems with your air conditioner. There is no doubt that ACs are designed strongly, keeping in mind to withstand adverse weather conditions. But, in extreme cases like tornadoes or thunderstorms, there can be electrical surges within the AC system, leading to a need to call the air conditioner repair service in Liberty Hill, TX. Here we will outline specific circumstances during bad weather when it is crucial to exercise caution and seek professional assistance.

5 Bad Weather Conditions Which Can Cause Damage To Your AC

AC systems are here to give us comfort during the unbeatable summers. However, these systems have hard, metal shells that offer shields. Yet if the bad weather inflicts the system, one can call a professional AC repair to avoid further damage to the system.

1. Severe Thunderstorms

Severe thunderstorms are no joke. With their powerful winds, heavy rain, lightning, and even hail, they can cause significant damage to your AC unit. The strong winds can dislodge or harm the external components of your system. Additionally, the hailstones can dent or puncture the delicate condenser coils and fins. The lightning strikes can cause power surges that may result in electrical damage. 

2. Tornadoes And Hurricanes

Tornadoes and hurricanes are nature’s fury unleashed. These devastating storms bring about powerful winds capable of uprooting trees, tearing off roofs, and causing widespread destruction. Unfortunately, the AC units are not spared from their wrath. Tornadoes and hurricanes can completely dislodge or damage the unit, disconnect refrigerant lines, and even expose the system to water infiltration. We can evaluate the damage and safely restore your cooling system. Hence call the air conditioning contractor in Marble Falls, TX.

3. Flooding

When heavy rains pour down, and flooding occurs, your AC system becomes susceptible to significant damage. If the outdoor unit gets submerged or exposed to excessive moisture, it can spell trouble. Water infiltration can corrode electrical components, cause refrigerant leaks, and impair the overall functionality of the unit. In the aftermath of a flood, call our experts in air conditioning in Liberty Hill, TX, and thoroughly inspect the system.

4. Extreme Heat Waves

While not technically a weather condition, extreme heat waves can strain your AC system tremendously. During scorching hot temperatures, your unit works tirelessly to keep your home cool and comfortable. Extended periods of extreme heat can lead to increased wear and tear, potentially resulting in breakdowns or reduced efficiency. Call us for the air conditioner repair service and maintenance work to avoid any unfortunate surprises during a heatwave.

5. Freezing Temperatures

For those living in regions with frigid winters, freezing temperatures can pose risks to the AC unit. If the system is not properly winterized or adequately protected, water within the unit or connected pipes can freeze and expand, causing cracks or leaks. To prevent such issues, you must consult AC experts who can guide you on properly winterizing your system and safeguarding it against freezing temperatures.

Get Your AC In Top Shape: Call The Repair And Maintenance Pros

Tornadoes generate intense winds that can hurl debris and objects, causing them to collide with AC units. Flying debris can dent, bend, or completely dislodge the AC unit, damaging the external components. Therefore, call the experts at ACA Appliance & Air Conditioning, LLC. We provide the top-notch air conditioner repair service in Liberty Hill, TX, and we can ensure your unit will be in optimal condition to handle the increased demand. Visit our website today to learn more about our services.