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Signs Your Major Kitchen Appliances Need Repair

Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen houses many expensive and necessary appliances - refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove, to name a few. You want your appliances to last as long as possible before having to replace them, so it's important that you learn the signs your kitchen machines are not operating as they should.

Discover individual signs of distress in the most common kitchen appliances. Call your appliance repair specialist as soon as you recognize your stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator are not operating as they should.


Even the most high-end stove will not last forever. Depending on the type of stove you have (gas or electric), this appliance should last up to 15 years. Signs your stove is in need of inspection and repair include the following.

Uneven Cooking 

Your stove may undercook food items, leaving meals partially raw no matter how long you cook them. Or your stove could be overly hot and not true to its set temperatures, consistently burning food.

Nonworking Burners 

One or more of your stove's burners may be out or only half-heating. If you have a gas stove, you may notice that the burners take a very long time to light.

Gas Odors 

If you have a gas stove, then the odor of gas fumes is an immediate sign you need to have your stove inspected for repairs. Call for emergency services and do not use your stove if you smell gas, even faintly, coming from your stove.


New refrigerators should last up to 20 years with regular use. Your refrigerator may exhibit the following problems if the unit is in need of repairs.

Warm/Frozen Food 

Your refrigerator's thermostat may be faulty if the food in your fridge does not get sufficiently cold. Or you may notice food items in one part of your fridge getting frozen while other areas of your refrigerator keep food sufficiently cold.

Loud Noises

Refrigerators will hum throughout the day as they reach the temperatures desired to keep food cold. Your fridge should not grumble, whine, make hissing sounds, or experience other odd noises.


Your refrigerator is constantly running (as mentioned above), so it will be warm to the touch but never hot. If your fridge is hot on its tops, sides, or back, pull your fridge from the wall and check its coils. Hair buildup and other debris may be causing overheating which requires immediate professional repair.

The average dishwasher will last around a decade. Your dishwasher will give you sure signs it needs repairs, including the following.

Unclean Rinsing 

Your dishes should not consistently come out of the dishwasher nearly as dirty as they went in. If this occurs, the filters or cleaning components of your dishwasher may be clogged or broken, causing poor dishes cleaning as a result.

Dirty Water 

Another filtering and clogging issue lies in finding dirty water in your dishwasher when the machine has finished its cycle. You may also notice an odd smell coming from your unit.

Pooled Water 

If the seal or door on your dishwasher is broken, you will see pools of water on the floor. You may not see water on the floor with every cleaning cycle.

You can prolong the life of your kitchen appliances by having them professionally inspected by an HVAC specialist. Repairs made today can help prevent having to buy new units that are costly in the future.

Your repair specialist will give your broken kitchen appliances a thorough inspection before suggesting repairs. Our team of certified experts will ensure your home operates smoothly by keeping your appliances in check. Call us at ACA Appliance for all your home's HVAC system and other appliance needs.